The housing market is very competitive.  To compete you need the right tools and one of those tools is a strong mortgage pre-approval letter.  Unfortunately, almost everyone out there now has a letter claiming they are “pre-approved” when in reality they may not.  How can you put yourself above all the other “Pre-approved” Buyers?  Ideal Home Loans has the answer!

If you apply for our mortgage pre-approval process, in the end we will issue a “Commitment to Lend” letter with a three week closing guarantee.  That doesn’t mean you have to close in three weeks, but it tells the Seller that you’re so far along in the loan process that you could if you wanted to.

It also shows the Seller that you’re the most committed and serious buyer they have.  While it’s more work up front, it’s less in the end when you’re actually going thru the process of buying.  You’ll have the benefit of being the most competitive buyer in the market and also the most carefree because you know the loan Is almost done at the start!

Call Ideal Home Loans today and ask for a Home Purchase Consultation. Let us know you want to do the Three Week Closing Guarantee program and start yourself down the path to being the First Choice when your make an offer.