Is debt keeping you up at night? The average homeowner has $22,000 in credit card debt. You’re not alone, we can help.

Refinancing your home could allow you to consolidate your debt and improve your financial situation across the board. Stop paying high interest credit cards and start getting ahead financially.

How does it work? With debt consolidation, all of your monthly debt obligations are included in a single lump-sum payment. This is beneficial to you because the interest rate on your mortgage is quite likely a much lower rate than what you’re getting on your other loans. The end result is a reduction in the amount you spend on your monthly bills. You’ll have more cash on hand to tackle whatever life throws your way. Let us help you refinance your mortgage so you can spend less and get more out of life!

Here is a clip of Schlereth and Evans, Mornings on KKFN The Fan, talking with the owner of Ideal Home Loans, Brent Ivinson, on credit card debt:

“Credit card debt. We have a lot of people who call us who have credit card debt and they don’t know where to turn. And what they’re frustrated by. They’re making those payments and the balance is going nowhere. Ideal Home Loans can help you:

1)    Get out from underneath those payments

2)    Show you how to pay your house more quickly

3)    Put money in your savings account at the same time.”