You deserve the Ideal Home Loans Experience.

Every person who calls for a home loan is calling for a reason that is unique and personal to them. It is our job is to design a home loan that is a solution, not just a mortgage. Here are some reasons why to choose Ideal Home Loans for all of your home lending needs.

Save Money (Direct Mortgage Banker)

Ideal Home Loans is a Direct Mortgage Banker. What does that mean to you? When we quote you fees, interest rates, and timelines, they’re coming internally from our organization so we can guarantee them and offer you lower fees, lower rates, and faster closings! With Ideal Home Loans, you can eliminate the middle man and deal directly with a mortgage banker.

Being a local Direct Mortgage Banker also allows us to better manage the home loan process. When you call our office, you will not get passed around of multiple people. You will always have one point of contact regarding the status of your loan. Your salaried Lending Specialist is involved in every step of the way to help.

We are local in both Colorado and Arizona and have offices in your area! We know the markets in and out and have insight to the nuances of lending in your area. We have first-hand knowledge of the market you live in because we live there too!

Home Loan Transparency

“First We Listen, Then We Lend”

Ideal Home Loans is founded on the principal that if we put the borrower first in all aspects of the lending process, we can make it a less painful experience that you’ve likely had in the past. One of the keystones of this is our idea of Home Loan Transparency.

Our Loan Specialists are experts in their fields and are driven to give the borrower the loan that best fits their needs. Loan options are provided to the borrower using not only our state of the art mortgage technology, but also through tried and true methods of listening to your needs, and then designing a mortgage solution tailored to you. Ideal Home Loans mortgage solutions are given to you in writing, on CFPB designed Loan Estimate forms.

By knowing exactly what you’re getting from the moment you start the loan process with Ideal Home Loans, you can have the peace of mind that our fees are guaranteed and will not change throughout the process.

Ideal Home Loans provides our borrowers with the best experience in the business by focusing on Home Loan Transparency, please call or apply online with Ideal Home Loans today to find out more.

Proven Track Record (Been in business since 2001, don’t take our word for it see our endorsers – Click here)

You hear a lot of local celebrities tell you where to go to get home loan, but what you have to ask yourself is that who they actually used for their own personal mortgage? At Ideal Home Loans, we have testimonials, not paid endorsements. The people who talk about Ideal Home Loans on radio and TV actually picked up the phone and called Ideal Home Loans when they had questions about their specific mortgage situations.

Salary Based Lending Specialists

The mortgage process can be intimidating, and at Ideal Home Loans we don’t want you to ever feel like you’re being forced into any given loan. That’s why we employ salaried Lending Specialists. Every person who calls for a home loan is calling for a reason that is unique and personal to them. Our job is to design a loan that is a solution, not just a mortgage. With salaried Lending Specialists, you can be rest assured that you can talk openly on what will work for you both short and long term. Let us go to work for you to provide you with a solution!

Your salaried Lending Specialist is involved in every step of the way to help you through the mortgage process. At Ideal Home Loans, we treat you like a client, not a number. For many people, a mortgage is the most important financial transaction of their lives, and we treat it accordingly. Your salaried lending Specialist is there to help every step of the way.

Convenience – We Will Come To You

We know life can get really busy and hectic. We want to make this process as convenient for you as possible. Whether that means handling the home loan process online, via phone, in our local office, or at your home, we will customize the process to work with you and your busy schedule. And if you’re only available nights and weekends, we’ll work with that too. You can always pick up the phone and contact your salaried Lending Specialist to get a status update on your loan regardless of the day or time, we’re here to help!

Interest Rate Guarantee

We’re in the business to help you save money, so if rates go down by 3/4th of a percent within two years of your loan with us, we’ll refinance you without any lender fees!

At Ideal Home Loans, First We Listen, Then We Lend.

Give us a call today to find out how much you could save at 303-867-7000!