Buying a home should be fun and exciting — not stressful and confusing! That’s why we strive to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. That, of course, means taking measures to help you get prepared for submitting a home loan application. Knowing exactly what information you’ll need to get started will make for an “ideal” home loan experience. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you’ll need to have on hand when working with a mortgage consultant to complete your application:

Personal Information
• Full legal name, Social Security number, date of birth
• Current address & address History for past 2 years
• Driver’s license(s)
• Divorce decree, if applicable
• Bankruptcy / discharge papers for bankruptcies existing in credit history, if applicable

• Pay stubs covering the last 30 days with year-to-date information included
• W-2’s for the past two years
• Federal tax returns (1040s) for the past two years (all pages)
• Bank statements — most recent two months’ statements for all accounts — all pages
• Hazard (homeowner’s) insurance information including agent’s name and phone
• Home Owners Association contact information

Purchase Loans
• Purchase contract — signed by all parties (fully executed)
• Name of Title Insurance Company, if known
• Copy of earnest money check

Refinance Loans
• Current mortgage statement
• Home Owner’s Insurance contact Information
• Copy of current mortgage note

If Self-employed
• Federal tax returns (personal and business) — complete copies for the last 3 years
• Profit and loss statement, year-to-date
• List of all business debts

Is all your information at the ready? Or do you still have questions about some of the required documents? No matter where you’re at in the home loan application process, our experienced staff is more than happy to work with you. Our dedicated team will help you complete your loan application quickly and accurately so you can get into your dream home fast! Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us online today.