“Ideal Home Loans is number one in the mortgage business. They are the only mortgage company that I personally endorse. At Ideal Home Loans, they can save you money in a variety of ways. In fact, it’s a home run in a variety of ways…Brent has a magnificent team, so call them today!”

Drew Goodman Play by Play broadcaster for the Colorado Rockies

“Why Ideal? Why wouldn’t you use Ideal Home Loans? They were thorough professional and fast. Can’t see using anyone else! Period!”

Scott Hastings Ideal Home Loans Client, Retired NBA Player, TV commentary for the Denver Nuggets , and Midday on 950AM KKSE

“I’ve done multiple loans with Ideal. Why? Because they make it easy. I did it all on-line. Quick and easy. They didn’t waste my time with all the mortgage minutia.”

Vic Lombardi Ideal Home Loans Client, former Sports Anchor for Denver CBS4 with over 25 years of experience in the TV and sports industry, current post-game coverage of the Denver Nuggets, and Mornings on 950AM KKSE

”Brent Ivinson helped me with my refinance, and showed me how to save $60,000…real money…it’s insane that people don’t call! And you take the time to go through everything face to face, I LOVED that about Ideal Home Loans. And you’re locally owned, so you really are in this community.”

Tracy Dixon Mornings on KYGO 98.5FM and Colorado Review Host on Denver CBS4

”Unlike other people who endorse products, I’ve actually used Ideal Home Loans and they have been fantastic. I am in the process of buying my first home and I picked up the phone and called Brent Ivinson. He explained everything to me. I know nothing about buying a home and you made the process so simple for me.”

Guy David Mornings on KYGO 98.5FM

As a member of Tom Martino’s Mortgage Expert Team, we think you’ll agree with thousands of prior customers that Ideal Home Loans really is the best mortgage lender in the state of Colorado.

Tom Martino Talk Radio 630 KHOW, Consumer Advocate in Denver, Troubleshooter

“Ideal Home Loans are the people I’ve turned to to answer all my home mortgage questions. When I was looking to refinance my home mortgage, I did the research,  I asked around, a lot of people at 104.3FM the Fan use Ideal Home Loans and said that was the guy to go to, and I was really pleasantly surprised because it really comes down to integrity, and when I took my situation to you, you were upfront,  you said, listen you’re in a pretty good situation, I’d stay right where I’m at.”

Mark Schlereth Mornings on 104.3FM The Fan, former NFL player and current TV and radio sportscaster,

“I needed help when it came to my mortgage. I was a first time homeowner. I was a rookie at all of that. I can’t thank Ideal Home Loans enough how you took those early days that can really be nerve racking and helped make it a lot easier and simplified things… It was so cool I could literally drive down the street, like ten minutes, walk into your office, somebody was there to meet me, and it all got done, as simple as that.”

Mike Evans Ideal Home Loans Client, Mornings on 104.3FM The Fan

“I know in my situation, whenever I have any kind of questions at all concerning my mortgage or anything like that, I’m reaching out to y’all. Y’all are locally owned, right here, in the footprint of Denver, and you go above and beyond. I can’t tell you how much that means for myself knowing I can trust you and rely on your expertise.”

Brandon Stokley Midday on 104.3FM The Fan, former NFL wide receiver

“I have worked with Brent and I know the magic they can do at Ideal Home Loans, and the first step is making that phone call. You really did a great job for me and I was amazed at what I could save each month!”

Matt Sparx Ideal Home Loans Client, Afternoon Drive on K99

“There are a ton of places where you can go to get money, but for me there’s only one, and that’s Ideal Home Loans. Most people want their mortgage fast. I get that. I know Ideal can handle getting everything done fast.  It’s just my wife and I aren’t that way.  I love how Ideal Home Loans took the time to understand our refinance would be different than normal because my wife and I aren’t normal!  True service is using experience to guide me to the correct loan versus forcing me into a loan that works for the lender.  It’s my mortgage so I want it on my terms.  I don’t want what’s best for the lender.  I want what’s best for me. I always felt like I was in control of my refinance with Ideal Home Loans.”

Doug Franz Ideal Home Loans Client, Weekdays on 98.7FM Arizona Sports

“If you’re looking to buy your first home, or refinance the last home you’ll ever live in, you have to call Ideal Home Loans.”

Jim Sharpe Morning drive on 92.3FM KTAR News