Owning your own home is part of the American Dream.  You and your family deserve to have the stability and satisfaction of knowing that you own your home and your future.

The pride and safety of knowing that you own your home and aren’t beholding to a Landlord or constantly increasing rents is only part of the reason why owning you own home is something you need to seriously consider.

If you rent your entire life, you’ll probably pay for the cost of three to four homes over 60 years.  Owning locks in your housing cost at today’s rates.  Inflation is not your friend and that $1,500 or $2,000 rent today could be $5,000 per month when you retire.

As your home increases in value over the years that equity is part of your wealth and stability.  You can borrower against it to build more wealth by buying rental properties.  You could use the equity to send your kids to college.  When you retire you can even do a reverse mortgage and use the equity in your house to supplement your quality of life or travel.

Sometimes the hardest part if just figuring out if it’s possible and if it’s the right time.  Our knowledgeable Lending Specialist can help you on your road to being a home owner and not a renter.