The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that we tend to renovate the most, because the traffic is intense and so is the wear and tear. When we start a renovation project, the first things that we should be concerned about is functionality and design. Bathrooms are often quite small and all components must be arranged so that they fit into and remain, of course, usable.
The choice of materials constitutes an important aspect of the renovation process. They must be easy to maintain, heat-efficient, resistant to moisture and light.
Tile is the most used material for bathrooms walls, for many reasons: it is aesthetic, durable, easy to clean and it reflects the light. White, blue and nude shades are the most popular colors we find in the bathrooms.
Choosing the appropriate lighting systems for the bathroom is important because a well-lit room will look more spacious. Adequate illumination can also make the bathroom objects stand out. For efficiency, install LED bulbs; they use significantly less energy than the traditional ones.
The floor
There are many models and options for choosing the bathroom tiles. Generally, larger pieces are more suitable for small bathrooms, as they optically increase the space. One thing to consider for the bathroom is floor heating. It is energy-efficient, you can say goodbye to the cold tile and reduce the risk of slipping, because a floor heating system will to dry the tiles quickly.
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