33479891 – closeup of woman holding paint brush and painting kitchen cabinets

The issue of whether to reface or replace kitchen cabinets is one that has been around for years. There are a lot of experts advising on both options, and some also consider that you might lose money in the long run by simply refacing, even though that solution has been working for a long time.

Replacing a kitchen cabinet is the more expensive solution. Instead, why not try refacing and getting the same appeal without the need for a new and improved cabinet?

Refacing is an extensive form of restoration that aims for a more stylish look. Without having to replace your cabinets, you can add brand new wooden finishes, new doors and/or self-sticking wood veneer to improve the appearance of your cabinet. Even though the work involved can be challenging, such a small DIY project will never compete with the huge expenses you’d have buying new cabinets.

Instead, it’s usually best to avoid a replacement job and consider full refacing either done as a DIY Sunday project or by making sure that you hire the best contractor for the job. Local contractors will rarely shy away from such a practical and simple project, and you’ll also find that they won’t be too quick to charge you a lot of money for it.

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