Whether you want a brand new game room, a second living area or a mad scientist lab, basement remodeling can give you a lot of options you might not even have considered. Although some of them might be more expensive than others, you’ll find that having full creative freedom regarding the complete remodeling of your basement is not only fun, but also a potentially practical solution to getting more space.

If you’re a fan of sports and memorabilia, you can turn your basement into the ultimate storage room for anything from baseball cards to the complete gear worn by famous football players. You can also mix it up by turning a section of your basement into a game room featuring a pool table, a stone chessboard or even an old arcade machine.

For the intellectual homeowner, a basement can be soundproofed and turned into the perfect, peaceful research center and reading room. You can pile up all your books and neatly arrange them on shelves to form a small library, set up a workstation with complete databases, and arrange a comfortable armchair, sofa and desk as well.

Instead of a basic second living area, why not convert your basement into a fun party room, featuring a lounge, sound system, and even a stage with a smoke machine, a karaoke machine and a cool, old-school jukebox. Whether you just want to chill with some relaxing songs, or party with your friends, your basement can be the perfect venue for a memorable pastime.

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Originally Posted here: Daring New Ideas for Basement Remodeling – What’s the Limit of Your Creativity?