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Sliding pantry shelves are very popular components of the modular types of furniture. They are smartly designed, based on sliding mechanisms and bring many advantages.
First, they represent durable items. The railing system is metallic, which makes sliding pantry shelves strong, even if they are fully loaded. They are very easy to use, due to the same sliding mechanism; pulling the shelves in an out is now done with just a touch of a finger, without stressing your body to find out what you are looking for.
The technology behind these shelves also provides considerably easier access to what is stored inside the cabinets. You do not have to climb and do acrobatics just to find something that is in the back; just slide the shelves and bring out the deepest corners of the cabinet!
You can install several sliding shelves in one cabinet, which means improved storing capacity and organization. They are also versatile; they can be used in cabinets all over the house: in the kitchen, in the storing pantry, in the living room`s drawers, in the wardrobe to organize your clothes and footwear and, not least, in the bathroom.
You can order custom sliding pantry shelves or entire custom cabinets with pull-out shelves.
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